1. Be respectful! Provoking users will not be tolerated. Appropriate actions will be taken as mods see fit.

2. Do not cheat or exploit games! We play games to have fun and enjoy what the developers made. If you want to cheat or exploit games, go elsewhere.

3. Do not be toxic. Negative attitudes are allowed, but toxic behavior is not tolerated.

4. Absolutely no trolling allowed in text or voice channels. Failure to abide will result in a warning. After 3 warnings you will be kicked. If you return to the server you will be banned on first offense.

5. No NSFW content. All links and images must be safe for work, no exceptions.

6. Please attempt to keep chat relevant to the channel you are in.

7. Do not spam invites to your stream/youtube channel. Promotion is allowed in the streams and clips-highlights channels once per active stream or highlight video/clip.

8. Please only have one personal discord account in our server.

Rules are flexible and may be changed at any given time. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to message any of the Admins!