This is the official page for the Powerless Gaming Community Friday Night Magic Tournaments.

The general purpose of this event is

  1. Bringing the MTGA community from all platforms together in a competitive environment without any drama.  Getting in contact with people, getting to know each other, making friends, etc — the community idea
  2. Last but not least: playing the game we love and having fun!

So,if you’re wondering if this is the event for you, go ahead and take a look at the details below. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or a beginner who wants to try out playing in a tournament — Everyone is welcome within the Powerless Gaming community.


Following are the official Tournament Rules. As a participant please make sure you read the rules carefully before you register for the tournament. By registering you will declare that you agree with these rules. In case you have questions feel free to any of the admins.


Standard Constructed
60 cards main deck, 15 cards sideboard
Best-of-three / Swiss 


Player registrations are open from of each week till to 8:50 p.m.Friday of each week.
FNMA starts at 9 p.m. Eastern!  The tournament should last around 3-4 hours and ends around midnight every week.

Life Happens 

We understand that life happens, we simply ask if you cannot make it after you sign up please unregister to open up a spot for somebody who can make it.

Sign-up Process

A new sign up link will be updated within the discord each week.

Match Reports

Match results need to be reported by winning players by recording the score on the website, or by contacting an admin.



Your duties as participant in the tournament are these:

  • Follow all instructions and timelines within.
  • Be polite to both your opponent and yourself.
  • Contact your opponent promptly after tournament pairings go up and schedule your games.
  • If you encounter problems with your opponent, be it contacting them, a game error, or a rules dispute, contact the organization team.
  • If you are unable to play for any reason or wish to drop out, contact organization team.
  • When in doubt, contact organization team.

Tournament Format

Swiss Rounds

  • All matches during swiss rounds are best of 3.
  • Recording and/or streaming your matches is not a requirement though it is highly encouraged.

After all rounds are completed top 8 players will be passed to the next round, scores will take win rate in consideration. In case of ties there will be a sudden death tie breaker round.


You are required to run a card and game tracking system. Powerless Gaming is requiring you to run MTG Arena Tool. The link can be found