Magic The Gathering

When​: 23 Feb 2019 @ 1800 EST (Use this ​link ​for time conversion)

Where​:Powerless Gaming Discord​. Once there, in the #assign_roles channel click on MTGA or you can assign yourself the MTGA role by right clicking on your name in a general chat message. Once done, complete your signup on ​challonge​ by registering for the tournament.

Format​: 100-Card Singleton, Best of One, Swiss. Top 4 play in finals.

Rules​: Deck must contain at least 100-cards. ​A deck may not contain two cards with the same name except basic land cards. Rat Colony and Persistent Petitioners are exceptions as per their card text

Number of Entries:​ Max 16.

There are channels, both chat and voice, set up on the Powerless Gaming Discord for use by participants. General chat channel is #100-card-singleton and the voice channels for games will be #FNM1 through #FNM8.